10 Crazy Church Laws from the Past That Would Never Fly Today

Yep, these were actual laws that could’ve gotten you arrested or fined in the past. Hmm, what would happen if these laws were revived today?

10. No Kissing in Front of a Church in Boston

I get it, you’re on a spiritual high from the message and the music and you want to end your Sunday morning with a little kiss on the steps. How sweet. But just don’t… unless you want to spend your Sunday night in a place with a public toilet and a guy named Bubba.

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9. Big Hats Were a Big No-No in Wyoming

You know, because you’re blocking everyone’s view behind you. I’m guessing this outdated law would NOT make Pharrell Williams happy.

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8. If Your Child Burps or Farts in Church in Nebraska You Could Serve Hard Time

Parents, better control your kids and muffle those bodily functions. It’s not cute anymore, unless you like the color orange and a small window view.

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7. Shhh! Whispering in Church in Delaware Used to Be Illegal

If you were busted for this… at least you’d go quietly.

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6. Christian Parent’s Could Not Require Their Kid to Pick Up Trash from the Highway on Easter Day in Tennessee

Man, it just took one parent to ruin it for all of us

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5. It Was Illegal to Wear a Fake Mustache for Laughs in Church in Alabama

Does this mean no fake beards for the Easter pageant too?

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4. It Was Against the Law to Sing Off Key in North Carolina

But heck, they didn’t say anything about dancing! Whooohooo.

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3. Yep, Pastors Were Forbidden to Tell Jokes in the Pulpit in West Virginia

If this were true today, how would every pastor in America start their sermon? I kid, I kid.

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2. It Was Illegal to Teach Others About Polygamy in Mississippi

Just think, if this was still current today we would have to arrest everyone at TLC for the show “Sister Wives.”

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1. Private Citizens Could Arrest Any Person Who Disturbs a Church Service in Mississippi

Now, this is a law I can totally get behind… On second thought, the power would probably go to my head

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*These crazy laws were all found here.

Brian Orme

By Brian Orme

Brian is a writer and editor from Ohio. He works with creative and innovative people to discover the top stories, resources and trends to equip and inspire the Church.