The Top 5 Jaw-Dropping Christian Videos in the Universe. Part of Me Wishes They Weren’t Real. Another Part Can’t Stop Watching Them.

There’s no doubt these videos are Internet gold–just not for the right reasons. It’s impossible to watch these without cracking a smile. I’m 99 percent sure of it.

5. The Renewed Mind Is the Key

We can agree with the truth behind this song. The dancing? Not so much. We suggest you wait for the breakdance at the 2 minute mark. It’s arguably the best moment in this entire post of worst-best videos.


4. Jesus Is My Friend

Before you hit “play” we should warn you. It’s impossible to watch this and not hum it all day. For that, we apologize. Well, kinda.


3. With Arms Wide Open

This is the kinda stuff that makes the Internet smile. We love Greg Mead. Make sure and stick around for the air-guitar-goose-chase at 2:37. Just please.


2. Crank Dat Holy Ghost

Imma say it, oooooooh, doooooo.


1. Baby Got Book

A campy classic. It’s so bad it has to be good.

*Bonus: Mighty to Save

It’s not the song so much…